Finding Alpha and Yield in APAC Fixed Income Markets

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Click to register for the on-demand.

In 2021, we have seen a material slowdown in economies across APAC, rising default risk and tighter yields. This pushes more and more APAC based investors to seek risk metrics and signals that allow them to identify mispricing opportunities in everchanging markets. Moody’s Analytics produces modelled bond spreads which represent a valuable signal for relative value investing strategies.

In this webinar, Moody's Analytics Predictive Analytics research team will showcase how these modelled spreads can be used as part of your successful relative value and factor strategies across APAC Fixed Income markets. We will take a look at success stories and how this can translate to outperformance in the current APAC economic conditions.

Moody's Analytics Speakers

  • Zhong Zhuang | Director, Predictive Analytics Research
  • Michael Zeng | Associate Director, Predictive Analytics Research
  • Antoine La | Associate Director, EDF Product Specialist (Moderator)