Looking beyond efficiency : 5 principles to support effective credit decisions

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Click to register for the on-demand.

Lenders now have at their disposal data driven decision tools deployed throughout the lending process, to help them execute better and faster credit decisions. 

Now, looking beyond efficiency, lenders can leverage data at the earliest stage, and throughout the lifecycle of the loan to understand how to effectively set priorities.

At last, looking at the data at portfolio level, lenders can leverage portfolio management practices as a way to remain competitive in their preferred market segments. 


In this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Using early insights and prescreening to set priorities
  • Monitoring risks to anticipate and mitigate problems
  • Using portfolio analytics to make competitive loan decisions 
  • Measuring risk concentration building up over time 
  • Diversifying it away using securitization, in support your go-to-market strategy

Join our lending experts to learn how you can leverage new technology and available data for a more consistent and efficient lending process, while ensuring well-informed credit decisioning.


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