Identifying and Quantifying ESG Risks and Opportunities

APAC session

Assessing companies’ exposure to ESG risks requires comparable and standardized metrics. Limitations in company disclosures continue to affect data quality and company coverage, especially in the SME space. Moody’s can help.

Drawing on our vast datasets across the macro-financial and climate spheres, in this webinar we’ll discuss an approach for quantifying ESG risks and opportunities across corporate exposures. The findings can be leveraged for credit decisioning and monitoring, supply-risk assessment, investment allocation and overall ESG strategies and risk appetite. Specific topics that will be covered include:

•    Evolution of firm-level performance across geographies, sectors and company types
•    Case studies to analyse the value of the proposed approach, helping identify pockets of risk exposures across diversified portfolios
•    Discussion of further enhancements to the proposed solution; including automated ESG controversy screening, coverage of Scope 3 emissions, and company-specific scorecards that can help increase the value proposition of this approach

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    Zhenfeng He Assistant Director - Senior Data Scientist Moody's Analytics
    Yasman Moghaddam Director – Global Industry Practice Group ESG & Climate Risk Moody's Analytics Bio
    Elle Huang APAC ESG Client Product Specialist Moody's ESG Solutions