Integrated Risk Analytics: A Proposed Framework for Mapping and Connecting Risks

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In an increasingly complex world, firms face dramatic shifts in an expanding landscape of interconnected risks, including credit, macroeconomic, climate, ESG, supply chain, and cyber risks, that should not be managed in silos.

How can we analyze the exposure and resilience of firms to current and future events of different natures, severities, and time horizons? 

In this session, we will discuss developing a framework to quantify risks in a consistent and interconnected way and show practical case studies for firms and portfolios. The framework is supercharged with analytics to handle risks of different natures to identify vulnerabilities, navigate uncertainty and build resilience.

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    Juan M. Licari, Ph.D Managing Director, Predictive Analytics Moody's Analytics Bio
    Olga Loiseau-Aslanidi Head of Predictive Analytics for Asia Pacific and Middle East Moody's Analytics Bio