How to Build a Sustainable, Resilient & Ethical Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted structural vulnerabilities in supply chain that businesses need to address through an enterprise-wide approach to risk management. Organizations are dealing with new and emerging risks related to ESG, climate and cybersecurity.

Today, integrated and reliable risk data is more important than ever before. Organizations with complex supply chains and distribution networks need integrated solutions that provide a 360-degree view of suppliers across financial, sustainability, reputational, cybersecurity and regulatory risk factors. To identify, measure and mitigate these new and emerging risks, organizations now require full visibility into the risk profile of their suppliers, and across their entire supply chain. An enterprise-wide approach to risk management highlights these risk factors and informs an organization’s responsible sourcing strategy and sustainability frameworks.

In this webinar, our panelists discussed: 

  • Major factors impacting supply chain management
  • The importance of integrated risk assessment in supply chains: How organizations with complex supply chains and distribution networks can more effectively manage and mitigate their risk exposure 
  • The need for more transparency in supply chains: emerging regulations
  • Role of tools and data in mastering current challenges
  • How to create a sustainable supply chain and develop a responsible sourcing and ESG program
  • Best practices that help organizations identify who to do business with and mitigate reputational risk


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    Enrico Aresu European Corporates Industry Practice Lead Moody’s Analytics. Bio
    Keeran Gwilliam-Beeharee Vice President - ESG Outreach & Research Moody’s Analytics Bio
    Vitaliano Tobruk Director, Supply Chain Risk Industry Practice Lead Moody's Analytics Bio
    François Le Maistre President Abietis Conseil Bio
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