Decision Intelligence in Banking: Unlocking Trapped Value with Perspective ML

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With the increasing complexity of hybrid (human/machine) workflows and growing regulatory scrutiny into risk management, dynamic credit decisioning requires intelligent automated solutions that drive efficiency, consistency, and capacity, while maintaining transparency and explainability. Decision Intelligence is an emerging discipline that uses machine learning to augment decision processes, link normative and applied views, and empower actionable outcomes. Its annual value, predominantly concentrated in the front-line customer-facing processes and internal inflection points, is estimated at 1T in banking globally.
In this webinar, we’ll present how to unlock the trapped value of advanced analytics in lending by using Decision Intelligence Framework and how to apply the Framework to credit decisioning to: 

 »   Cut through the noise and surface relevant risk and opportunity signals. 

 »   Drill down to the cause and analyze the drivers that affect the outcome to structure profitable deals. 

 »   Generate and reality-check contextual recommendations aligned with the organization’s policy for loan pricing and monitoring. 

 »   Automate non-value-added work, including report generation.

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    Dina Baiche Associate Director- Program Manager Moody's Analytics
    Jan-Hinnerk Fahrenkamp Senior Director - Senior Strategist Moody's Bio
    Wade Moss Intelligent Technologies Lead, Banking Moody's Analytics Bio