EM Spotlight: Credit impact of Russia-Ukraine conflict in Emerging Europe, CIS and LATAM

Join us for a live, interactive Q&A panel discussion where Moody’s economists and credit analysts discuss the impact the Russia-Ukraine conflict will have in EMs macroeconomic and financial outlook, and what credit impact we can expect in sovereigns and corporates across Emerging Europe, CIS and LATAM. 

  • How has the invasion changed our macroeconomic outlook for Emerging Markets? Do we expect financial conditions to deteriorate sharply?  
  • What are the main channels of transmission of the crisis to Emerging Europe and CIS? How isolated is LATAM from the impact?
  • Which European and CIS countries are most vulnerable to a sudden crystallization of geopolitical risks?  
  • For LATAM, will inflation hurt consumption, GDP growth and profits, negating the benefits from higher commodity prices?
  • Which corporate sectors are better positioned to withstand, or even benefit, from the shock?
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    Ariane Ortiz-Bollin Vice President – Senior Credit Officer - CS&R Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Elena Duggar Chair of Moody’s Macroeconomic Board, Managing Director - Chief Credit Officer Americas Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Kelvin Dalrymple VP-Senior Credit Officer Moody’s Investors Service Bio
    Mauro Leos Associate Managing Director Moody’s Investors Service
    Dietmar Hornung Associate Managing Director, Sovereign Risk Group Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Gersan Zurita SVP CSS Strategy Moody's Investors Service Bio
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