Canadian Provinces - 2023 Outlook

As 2023 arrives, the economic forecast and global environment for Canadian provinces is very much different from 2022. Numerous headwinds including slowing global economic growth, geopolitical shifts and the end of the decade-long era of historically low interest rates are giving rise to a new set of credit factors will drive provincial creditworthiness over the next 12 months.

Among the points to be discussed are:

  • How the provinces will manage revenue and spending pressures through a slowing economy 
  • Which global headwinds apply the greatest credit pressure, and which ones can actually benefit provinces
  • Impact of the high inflation environment on provincial creditworthiness
  • Expectations of the effect from the higher interest rate environment on debt service
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    Michael Yake Associate Managing Director Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Adam Hardi Vice President - Senior Analyst, Sub-Sovereign Moody's Investors Service Bio