Digital Banking Done Right: Combining UX, AI and Big Data

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As we near the conclusion of our special research series, Digital Challenger Banks Challenged, join us at this webinar where external speaker Taejong Ok, Investor Relations Team Leader at Toss Bank and Moody’s analysts discuss the bank’s success. Toss Bank is a rapidly growing virtual bank in Korea, powered by a superior user experience, artificial intelligence and big data analytics.

Topics include:

  • How are artificial intelligence and big data analytics changing loan underwriting?
  • In what ways are incumbent banks responding to the rise of virtual banks?
  • How are higher funding and capital costs changing virtual banks’ strategies?

FinTech 2023 – Digital Challenger Banks Challenged
Follow our six-week research series (Feb 15-Mar 27) on the changing dynamics between fintechs and incumbent banks.
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    Tae Jong Ok Investors Relations Team Leader and a member of Strategy Execution Team Toss Bank Bio
    Sophia Lee Associate Managing Director, Financial Institutions Group Moody's Ratings Bio
    Petr Paklin Assistant Vice President – Analyst, Financial Institutions Moody's Ratings Bio