The Impact of Climate Risk on the Energy Sector

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This session will delve into the crucial intersection between climate change and the energy industry. 

Join us as we discuss the evolving landscape and potential disruptions to mitigate climate risk.

We will cover

1. Economic Implications and Opportunities:

  • Providing a synopsis of how policymakers are decarbonizing the global economy (EU, China, US). 
  • Presenting plausible paths that global temperature could take based on the policy choices of the world’s largest economies. 
  • Analyzing the implications for the energy industry and state governments. 
  • Demonstrating the degree to which the global economy will decarbonize even absent new policies.

2. Transition to Renewable: Focus on H2 as a Fuel:

  • Diving into the pivotal role of hydrogen (H2) as a clean and versatile fuel in the transition to renewable energy.
  • Highlighting technological advancements and ongoing research driving the adoption of hydrogen across various energy sectors.
  • Addressing challenges and opportunities associated with H2 production, storage, transportation, and integration into existing energy systems.

3. Infrastructure Vulnerability and Resiliency:

  • Assessing the susceptibility of energy infrastructure to extreme weather events and shifting climate patterns.
  • Discussing strategies to enhance the resiliency of energy systems, including grid modernization and adaptive infrastructure design.
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    Chris Lafakis Director Moody's Analytics Bio
    Bill Peltier Senior Director - Energy Industry Practice Lead Moody's Analytics Bio
    Todd W. Filsinger Senior Managing Director - Executive Leader, Restructuring, Interim Management Filsinger Energy Partners Bio
    Rommel M. Oates Value Creationist Refinery Calculator Inc Bio