What’s Next for Securitisation: The Dawn of ESG Reporting?

A Joint Webinar presented by Moody’s Analytics and European DataWarehouse

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On 25th May the ESAs (European Supervisory Authorities) released their final report on ESG disclosure for STS securitisations. This report included a draft RTS on optional sustainability disclosures for all STS-compliant RMBS and Auto transactions in the EU and has now been passed to the European Commission for ratification.

Please join Moody’s Analytics, European DataWarehouse, and industry experts as they discuss the wider implications of these new ESG disclosures and whether this indeed will be the dawn of ESG reporting in European ABS.

Key discussion points include:
•    Likely impact of the proposed ESG disclosure requirements on the market as a whole.
•    Viewpoint and readiness from an Auto and RMBS issuer standpoint.
•    Potential transition to a mandatory ESG disclosure regime.
•    Initiatives from European DataWarehouse and Moody’s Analytics on this topic.

  • Speakers keyboard_arrow_down
    Christian Thun CEO European DataWarehouse
    Michael Osswald Managing Director STS Verification International
    Philippe Laporte Deputy CEO Unión de Créditos Inmobiliarios
    Uli Maute Structured Finance BMW Group