Moody’s Ratings US Housing and Housing Finance Executive Series II

Housing’s Search for Balance

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    13:00 - 13:30

    What’s happening in existing home sales right now? Can a recovery gather steam without lower rates?

    • Impacts of technology on brokerage and brokers: have the key sales agent skills changed, or are marketing and selling skills still priority one?
    • Given the Sitzer Burnett verdict and settlements, will sell-side brokerage economics change much, or at all? Does the brokerage industry have an image problem?
    • What can regulators and legislators do to ease first-time and low-income buyer challenges?

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    Edmond DeForest Senior Vice President, Business & Consumer Services, Corporate Finance Moody's Ratings Bio
    Susan Yannaccone President & CEO Anywhere Brands and Anywhere Advisors Bio
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