Ag Day 2021

Building for the Success of Agriculture

Click to register for the on-demand.
Click to register for the on-demand.

With the recent rebound of the commodity markets, Agriculture began to see new opportunities emerge, yet is now being challenged by "disruptors" that will impact the future's sustainable farming and lending practices. 

Moody's Analytics Ag Day is a virtual conference dedicated solely to the discussion of these critical Agriculture topics and more, with peer sharing and best practice concepts we all need to be thinking about today and going forward. It is our goal to provide a forum for challenging and informative discussions that give you tools to prepare, adapt, and thrive in the days that lie ahead. 

The event is virtual and complimentary.

Why attend?


The Latest Market Trends

Discover new developments in agriculture, and gain insight on the latest industry trends and best practices

Keynote Address

Hear Dr. David Kohl speak about the latest economic forecasts for the agriculture market

Get Your Questions Answered

Ask your questions live to industry and Moody's Analytics experts during each panel throughout the event

Featured Keynote

Economic Outlook on the Ag Industry & 5 Strategies to Take Home

Professor Emeritus
Virginia Tech