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Top Producer Podcast Episode 118: Joe Kessie

Join Joe Kessie with Schrader Real Estate and Auction Company for a discussion with Paul Neiffer from the Top Producers Podcast regarding how the 1980’s farm crisis is different from today, especially with a lot of long-term debt fixed with low rates compared to the variable rate debt back then. 

MIP #357 - The Strength of the American Ag Producer - with Alan Hoskins: 

Alan Hoskins is back to talk about what is happening in Ag Finance. This podcast discusses the strength of the American Ag Producer with plenty of headwinds for the 2023 growing season. Interest rates, bank failures and regulations, geo-political issues, lingering drought in the West, and possible drought in the Midwest are plenty of things keeping the Market volatility high.

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) continues to be a priority as farmers figure out how to monetize more sustainable farming practices and better integrate with the food supply chain. Dairy Stream host Mike Austin talks with Sam Miller, managing director of agriculture at BMO Harris Bank, about the future focus areas of the food value chain, rising costs, ESG and preparing for the future. 

Join Doug Johnson from Moody’s Analytics and Chris Peacock, CEO & Founder and Michael DiPaolo, Marketing & Content Manager from Aquaoso in Denver, CO as they discuss the future of Ag Production and disruptors we need to factor in for future sustainability.

Listen to the US Farm Report Roundtable 1 where Alan Hoskins from American Farm Mortgage in Louisville, KY shares his views on our current Ag outlook in light of the markets, sourcing inputs, how to help “normalize” the volatility, and knowing the numbers and the challenges of what to do next

Listen to the US Farm Report 0221922 Roundtable 1 and 2 where Alan Hoskins from American Farm Mortgage in Louisville, KY shares his views at the National Farm Machinery show on cash flows, marketing plans, profitability and finding “value in partnerships”

This Episode is Sponsored By: BMO Harris Bank

Building an ESG (environmental, social, and governance) business case for your food company has never been more important as both consumers and investors increasingly align with these principles. Join BMO Harris Bank experts Jonathan Hackett, Marc Khouzami, and Erica Kuhlmann as they explore the near- and long-term risks connected to ignoring ESG trends, and how to capitalize on opportunities.

Plant-based meat was taking off and becoming a part of the consumer's diet. Then, COVID-19 hit and changed the growth trajectory. In this episode, we address 1) what happened?; 2) will plant-based meat have the same success as plant-based milk?; 3) what does the plant-based meat industry need to do to regain its footing and growth; and 4) what key adjustments and strategies are required to adapt to the new normal?

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