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Doug Johnson

Doug is Moody’s Ag Strategist has been serving the Ag industry for over 28 years. Doug’s passion is to help Ag Lenders and Producers look at potential disruptors and find opportunities to help keep Ag sustainable and viable for our next generation. Contact Doug for any speaking engagements or thought leadership strategy sessions your organization is looking for.

Pam Bickel

Pam enjoys the opportunity to leverage her vast experience applying technology to drive value addressing origination challenges and achieving key objectives. As a subject matter expert, Pam is quick to share best practices and strategies for success with organizations embarking on their digital transformation journey. Her 18-year career at Moody’s spans product management through solution advisory with domestic and international institutions.

Brandon Kathol

Brandon is a Moody’s loan origination solution specialist and subject matter expert with over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. Brandon’s passion is to help clients with their credit and risk assessment needs that allow him to utilize his years of experience in sitting in the shoes of a commercial credit underwriter.

Shawn Gregrich

Shawn is a Learning Partner at Moody's and he supports clients around the world to develop and deploy the right training solutions to meet their needs.
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Shawn Gregrich Director, Sr. Learning Partner Moody's Analytics Bio