CRE in 2021, and Beyond

Join us as we review the year that was, including surprises (both positive and negative) in the economy, government policy, and commercial real estate space. How did our expectations change over the course of the year? How did the ongoing pandemic and related variants – Delta, Omicron, what’s next? – affect economic activity and real estate fundamentals? What’s next for 2022, and what should we prepare for?

  • How did our GDP forecasts and expectations for economic activity change throughout 2021? 
  • What were the surprises and lessons learned? 
  • Hotel was hit particularly hard by lockdown: how have REITs adapted, and how did the hospitality sector in general fare?
  • Fed tightening, interest rate increases, continued uncertainty: what else should we expect in 2022?

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    Keith Banhazl Managing Director, Head of Commercial Real Estate Finance Moody’s Investors Service Bio
    Victor Calanog, PhD Head of CRE Economics Moody's Analytics Bio
    Cris deRitis Deputy Chief Economist Moody's Analytics Bio
    Kevin Fagan Senior Director, Head of CRE Economic Analysis Moody's Analytics Bio
    Philip Kibel Associate Managing Director Corporate Finance Group, CRE-REITs and Gaming Moody’s Investors Service Bio