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Deep Dive: China

Managing deleveraging risks in the Common Prosperity era

As one of the first economies to recover from the COVID pandemic, China has been normalizing policy settings ahead of many other sovereigns and shifting its policy focus to reducing leverage. Challenges to managing this deleveraging are emerging. At the same time, high-profile policy themes such as “Common Prosperity” and “Dual Circulation” are setting the direction for China’s development in the medium term. Carbon transition policies are starting to have a credit impact.

  • What challenges will the government face in executing its derisking and deleveraging strategy?
  • What are the credit implications of the Common Prosperity initiative and other regulatory developments in China?
  • How will US-China relations affect China’s credit conditions?
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    Martin Petch Vice President – Senior Credit Officer, Sovereign Risk Moody's Investors Service Bio
    Jack Yuan Vice President – Senior Analyst, Sovereign Risk Moody's Investors Service Bio

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