Supply-chain Constraints and Trade Impacts on the APAC Economy

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Supply-chain stress has worsened again, due not only to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but also due to the zero-Covid policy in China that has hampered production and logistics within China and through its ports. Steve Cochrane discussed with his colleagues Tim Uy and Gabriel Tay how such constraints are occurring around the world, how supply chains in Asia are being disrupted, and what this could mean for trade patterns in the region.

Join Moody’s Analytics Chief APAC Economist Dr. Steve Cochrane and his team as they discuss this important aspect of the Asia-Pacific economy.


  • Global supply chains: current state and recent developments
  • Two key shocks: Russia-Ukraine and COVID-19
  • Which countries are most at risk from these shocks?
  • Which sectors are most impacted by these shocks?
  • How might these shocks flow through the APAC economy


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    Steve Cochrane Chief APAC Economist Moody's Analytics Bio
    Tim Uy Senior Economist Moody's Analytics
    Gabriel Tay Associate Economist Moody's Analytics