Moody's Analytics U.S. Consumer Credit Outlook


Join us on Wednesday, September 14th for our quarterly update of the consumer credit outlook, where we will discuss the current and anticipated trends in household credit conditions based on data from Equifax.

Key topics include:

»   Consumer spending growth is not entirely from higher prices despite falling real incomes as consumers draw down a little of their massive excess saving.
»   Which asset classes are seeing the fastest growth and performance deterioration?
»   Consumer fundamentals are mixed and risks skew to the downside.
»   What will the impact of student loan forgiveness be?

This webinar will provide expert insight and trend analysis in the age of COVID-19. Join our panel of Moody’s Analytics experts: Scott Hoyt, Senior Director, David Fieldhouse, Director, and moderator, Donna Kling, Senior Director as they discuss their outlook.

The presentation will begin with prepared remarks by Scott and David and then dovetail into a fireside discussion between the presenters and the moderator. We hope you can join us.

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    Scott Hoyt Senior Director - Economic Research Moody's Analytics Bio
    David Fieldhouse Director - Consumer Credit Analytics Moody's Analytics Bio