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APAC Economic Outlook

Looking Forward to Looking Back

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Europe: Recession or Recovery

Europe is struggling to shake off its funk. A number of risks including high interest rates and high prices have diminished growth prospects, leading consumers and firms to become increasingly gloomy. Join our webinar to hear our economists discuss.

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Slowcession Delayed

With inflation abating and the Federal Reserve facing less pressure to hike interest rates, recession risks are fading. But they can’t be fully discounted given high interest rates, geopolitical turmoil, declining savings, and political uncertainty. 

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Middle East & North Africa Economic Outlook: Stability and Upheaval

Explore geopolitical shifts impacting global oil markets and regional economies. From the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, we analyze the potential for stability and upheaval.

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Australia Economic Outlook: A Cruel Summer

The Australian economy is under pressure. Households and increasingly businesses are feeling the impact of tighter monetary policy settings. Inflation is on a bumpy and sluggish downtrend. Join us as we discuss the Australian economic outlook.

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