Middle East & North Africa Economic Outlook: Stability and Upheaval

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Explore geopolitical shifts impacting global oil markets and regional economies. From the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, we analyze the potential for stability and upheaval. Focus on Israel-Hamas tensions, Egypt's challenges, and Saudi Arabia's resilient diversification plans. 

Join Moody’s Analytics Middle East Economist, Suren Vardanyan, as he provides insight into:

  • Post-Russia's invasion: Subsiding risks in oil markets 
  • Middle East Concerns: Ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict 
  • Regional Impact: Potential instability in oil markets 
  • Egypt's Challenges in 2024: Currency devaluation, inflation, debt financing 
  • Israeli Gas Disruption: Strain on Egypt's foreign currency resources 
  • Gulf Region Resilience: Saudi Arabia's diversification amidst global instability
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    Suren Vardanyan Assistant Director - Economist Moody's
    Catarina Noro Associate Economist Moody's
    Dominik Bartos Associate Economist Moody's