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Treading the tightrope: China's quest for growth amid debt concerns

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China is facing a bumpy economic recovery as it confronts short-term macroeconomic volatility along with longer-term structural challenges. 

These hurdles are not new to more developed economies, and as China pivots its growth plan to drive growth and productivity, what lessons can it draw from the experiences of other economies? Will its policy measures and reforms help it address its challenges and achieve sustainable and high-quality growth in the longer term?    

Discussion Topics:

  • How will global challenges and opportunities shape China’s growth prospects?  
  • Will its property downturn drag its economy into a debt crisis? 
  • What lessons can China learn from other economies that have faced similar challenges?  
  • How will the government balance funding needs with its growth and debt sustainability concerns?

Interactive session bringing together cross-sector credit experts to assess regional credit dynamics.

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    Arthur R. Kroeber Founding partner Gavekal Dragonomics Bio
    Lillian Li Vice President - Senior Credit Officer, Credit Strategy and Standards Moody's Ratings Bio
    Gong Cheng Chief Credit Officer (APAC) Moody's Ratings Bio