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In-Person Briefing

Looking to the Economic Long-Run

An in-person conference in Washington DC

The economy has successfully navigated through a period of extraordinarily high inflation and interest rates and avoided recession. Whether this good performance continues longer-run depends on multiple forces, including demographic trends, productivity growth, deglobalization, and the outcome of the elections. And of course the economy can be derailed at any moment by any of a number of potential shocks, ranging from geopolitical flashpoints to careening real estate markets.

We're coming to Washington D.C. to discuss all of this. Join Chief Economist, Mark Zandi, and economists from across Moody's Analytics as they provide their insights and answer your questions in-person.

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Past Events

Q1 2024 CRE Quarterly Economic Briefing

The Pros and Cons of a Strong Economy for CRE

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Boom Loop in the Making

How US Cities Could Evolve to Mitigate Risks + Remain Resilient?

Join a team of economists and experts from Moody’s Analytics for a panel discussion on the so called “urban doom loop”. These experts will take a holistic look at the state of US cities and how they see the future unfolding.

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Moody's Summit 2024 Scottsdale

Banking Unusual: Navigating the Era of Exponential Risk

Q4 2023 CRE Quarterly Economic Briefing

After a Turbulent 2023, is it Now Safe to Move About the Cabin?

In this webinar, we will dissect our finalized 2023 trend data, provide clarity as to its current and future meaning for the market, and discuss the importance of the Fed’s looser monetary policy on the horizon.

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