European Leveraged Finance & CLO 2024

Navigating the New Normal

Navigating the New Normal

Markets are facing a new reality – “A New Normal”. We’re now in an environment characterised by slower economic growth, higher interest rates, lower valuations and a plethora of geopolitical risks capable of destabilising markets. 

This new landscape prompts us to ponder:

  • How will these conditions alter the behaviours and financial strategies of key market players, including issuers, sponsors, the banking community, and the CLO market?
  • What will this mean for issuance levels, deal structures, and the deployment of exceptionally high levels of dry powder?
  • What are the implications for covenants and credit quality, defaults, and recovery prospects?
  • How will private credit evolve - can it coexist with the broader syndicated market, and if so, how will this play out?

Join us at one of our European editions held in London, Frankfurt, and Paris where we’ll be addressing these topics.

The London edition will also feature deep dives on covenants, TMT (Telecoms, Media, Technology), Healthcare, and Chemicals.