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COVID-19 and the Debt Market for US Multifamily and Commercial Real Estate

An update with the Mortgage Bankers Association

Moody's held an interactive discussion with Jamie Woodwell, Vice President, Research and Economics at the Mortgage Bankers Association, to discuss the latest trends for loans supported by multifamily and commercial properties, given COVID-19.

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Managing the Shock to Commercial Real Estate: A Practical Approach to Quantify Loan Performance

In this session, panelists presented an in-depth analysis of CRE loan performance and credit risks under Moody’s latest economic and real estate scenarios. In a case study format, we illustrated how to translate an economic outlook into loan-level measures of credit risk to help you better quantify and manage the performance of your CRE portfolio.

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Accounting for Credit Losses in CRE: A Case Study Webinar

Credit loss forecasting models are only as effective as the data on which they were built, and few, if any, were designed to capture the effects a sudden pandemic would unleash on the U.S. economy. In times like this, how are financial institutions determining the right amount to set aside for future credit losses? In this discussion, panelists presented a case study on an approach to quantitatively model credit risk in a range of economic scenarios, and adjust the results to capture information that models may not consider.

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COVID-19 and the Hospitality Sector

In this webinar, panelists discussed the impact of COVID-19 on the hospitality sector. As economic reopening ensues – and as reinfection rates rise – what are the short- and long-term prospects for hotel properties? What are the segments of the hospitality industry that are seeing near-term recovery vs. those that will take longer to recover?

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