Inside China with Moody's

Negative outlook on China’s sovereign rating and its impact across sectors

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New Risks, New Opportunities

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Banking Unusual: Navigating the Era of Exponential Risk

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Global Forces, Local Impacts

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Moody’s 8th Annual US Project Finance Conference

Risks of financing the transition to a carbon-free economy and new transportation, digital infrastructure, and real estate related projects amid a softer economic outlook [online event]

Slowcession Delayed

With inflation abating and the Federal Reserve facing less pressure to hike interest rates, recession risks are fading. But they can’t be fully discounted given high interest rates, geopolitical turmoil, declining savings, and political uncertainty. 

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Moody's Swiss Breakfast - December Edition

2024 Outlooks: New risks and new opportunities

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Inside China with Moody's

Negative outlook on China’s sovereign rating and its impact across sectors

Join Moody’s analysts to discuss the drivers for the negative outlook and affirmation of A1 on China’s sovereign rating and the credit implications on other sectors.

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Moody's & CCXI China Credit Outlook Conference

China Credit Outlook Amid an Uneven Recovery


Tuesday, December 12 | 北京 | Beijing

Thursday, December 14 | 上海 | Shanghai

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Middle East & North Africa Economic Outlook: Stability and Upheaval

Explore geopolitical shifts impacting global oil markets and regional economies. From the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, we analyze the potential for stability and upheaval.

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Dept of Defense Intelligence Information System Worldwide Conference

Portland's Oregon Convention Center | Portland, Oregon.

From December 12-14, 2023, senior decision makers, technical experts and innovators from across the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community, industry, academia and Five Eyes partners will come together to collaborate and share unique insights. The theme of this year’s conference — Chaos to Clarity: Leveraging Emerging Technologies — represents the necessity to employ technical breakthroughs to deliver intelligence and battlefield advantage. 

Global Autos Market Update

The road ahead

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Australia Economic Outlook: A Cruel Summer

The Australian economy is under pressure. Households and increasingly businesses are feeling the impact of tighter monetary policy settings. Inflation is on a bumpy and sluggish downtrend. Join us as we discuss the Australian economic outlook.

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Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) in the Corporate Sector: Understanding the Nature of the Compliance Risks Posed by Third-Party Vendors and Service Providers in the Fast Moving Global Compliance Environment

Anti-money laundering (AML) and financial crime regulations, both at national and international level, require companies to be aware of the risks associated with their suppliers and other third-party vendors, such as subcontractors, agents, distributors, and vendors.

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