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Asia Emerging Markets Summit 2024

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CALC 2024

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TP Minds International

Join the world's largest gathering of transfer pricing minds in 2024.

An industry event like no other. Featuring TP leaders, policy makers, tax administrations and top specialist advisers. Be part of the reshaping of the international tax landscape.

The leading transfer pricing event featuring exclusive case studies, panel discussions, Oxford-style debates, workshops & the best live networking opportunities in the industry.

Eurosatory 2024

Protect Your Future

Presenting in an exhaustive, concrete and innovative way, solutions, services and expertise in the face of all types of often complex crises, from high-intensity conflicts to humanitarian and environmental disasters specific to our century.

European High Yield, Leveraged Loans & CLO Briefing

Navigating the New Normal

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Moody's U.S. Consumer Credit Outlook

Join us on Tuesday, June 18th for our quarterly update of the consumer credit outlook, where we will discuss the current and anticipated trends in household credit conditions.

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From policy to practice: financing APAC’s green tech ambitions

New Frontiers | Sustainable Finance - Green Tech Innovation Summit 2024 | Virtual

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28TH General Assembly IOTA

Moody's is proud to sponsor the 28th General Assembly of IOTA. From understanding the details of Machine Learning & AI that can enhance customer services and
revitalise internal procedures, and new trends in applying advanced analytics for improved tax
administration processes, to discussing the latest trends in data strategy, this General Assembly is
set to be a hub of fresh ideas, strategies, and forward-thinking conversations.

Empowering Resilience in the Digital Age—Navigating NIS2 with Bitsight & Moody’s

In the rapidly evolving landscape of cyber threats and regulatory demands, understanding NIS2 is more crucial than ever for organizations striving to safeguard their digital domains. As this Directive sets new benchmarks for cybersecurity and resilience, it's imperative for businesses to comprehend its requirements and harness them for strategic advantage.

This forward-looking webinar is designed specifically for CISOs, Risk, Compliance, and Supply Chain professionals. It aims to demystify the intricacies of NIS2 and illuminate the pathway to compliance.

This session promises actionable insights and strategic advice to enhance your organizational resilience. Join us to transform regulatory compliance into a competitive edge in the digital age.

Global Emerging Markets | Asia Deep Dive (Ex China)

Can Asia-Pacific’s credit quality remain stable amid a slowing China, tight global liquidity and challenging geopolitics?

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Europe's Uncertain Future: Revival or Recession?

Europe’s economy appears to be on the mend. With growth gaining ground and with inflation nearing target across most countries, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England are growing increasingly confident about cutting interest rates in coming months. However, challenges such as a limping German economy, persistent geopolitical risks and upcoming U.K. elections are adding a layer of uncertainty.

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