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Providing insights, solutions, and connections to the global banking community.  Our timely events provide you with the information you need on credit risk management, balance sheet management, regulatory compliance, and more.

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Developing Leaders of the Future

This webinar will focus on leveraging training so you can navigate the challenges ahead and lead your organization successfully into the future.  Please join us for an engaging round table conversation with our panel of leadership experts

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Moody's Analytics

Acquire or Be Acquired

Today’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference provides you with strategic discussions ranging from successful mergers, organic growth and deposit competition to digital strategy, customer experience and technology partnerships.

Past Events

schedule 60 Mins | 1 December 2021

How to create bespoke liquidity tests/survival horizons using LCR cohorts

The next episode will walk you through a ‘how to’ on creating bespoke liquidity tests/survival horizons using LCR cohorts.  

schedule 90 Mins | 30 November 2021

East Africa Series

Dealing with Economic Uncertainty in the IFRS 9 Process

schedule 60 Mins | 18 November 2021

How to include the impact of post-Covid defaults in IRRBB and funding analytics

The next episode will walk you through a ‘how to’ on adjusting Funding Plans, NII Forecasts and EV projections for defaulted loans.

schedule 60 Mins | 10 November 2021

REPLAY - CECL: What to Expect When You’re Expecting…Auditors

Ahead of the year-end audit season, join Moody’s experts and industry practitioners to discuss a framework for navigating the CECL process through audits. We will review common areas of focus for audit & model validation firms, key reference documents for Moody’s tools, and leading practices from 2020 adopters.

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