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Providing insights, solutions, and connections to the global banking community.  Our timely events provide you with the information you need on credit risk management, balance sheet management, regulatory compliance, and more.

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Developing Leaders of the Future

This webinar will focus on leveraging training so you can navigate the challenges ahead and lead your organization successfully into the future.  Please join us for an engaging round table conversation with our panel of leadership experts

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Acquire or Be Acquired

Today’s Acquire or Be Acquired Conference provides you with strategic discussions ranging from successful mergers, organic growth and deposit competition to digital strategy, customer experience and technology partnerships.

Past Events

schedule 60 Mins | 21 October 2021

2021 Stress Test for UK Mortgages

Risks to the post-pandemic recovery

As the economy looks to recover from the pandemic, we look at how to quickly and accurately forecast loss expectations, considering how macroeconomic conditions in the UK could differ over the coming years.

schedule 90 Mins | 20 October 2021

Série Afrique de l'Ouest

Comment améliorer la qualité des actifs grâce à l'automatisation du processus d'origination et de l'analyse crédit

schedule 60 Mins | 13 October 2021

East Africa Series

Stress Testing

Banking stress tests assess how banks can cope with severe economic scenarios. We look at banks’ resilience, making sure they have enough capital to withstand extreme shocks and are able to support the economy.

schedule 60 Mins | 13 October 2021

How to Adjust FTP Calculation for Excess Liquidity

The next episode will walk you through a ‘how to’ on adjusting your FTP framework to account for excess deposits.