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Upcoming Events

In-Person User Group

Banking User Forum | Taipei

Decode Risk. Unlock Opportunity.

In-person event | By invitation only


Looking to the Economic Long-Run

An in-person conference in Washington DC

The economy has successfully navigated through a period of extraordinarily high inflation and interest rates and avoided recession. Whether this good performance continues longer-run depends on multiple forces, including demographic trends, productivity growth, deglobalization, and the outcome of the elections. And of course the economy can be derailed at any moment by any of a number of potential shocks, ranging from geopolitical flashpoints to careening real estate markets.

We're coming to Washington D.C. to discuss all of this. Join Chief Economist, Mark Zandi, and economists from across Moody's Analytics as they provide their insights and answer your questions in-person.

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Leveraging AI for a Strategic Advantage in Commercial Lending

As the banking sector embraces a new era of innovation, AI stands at the forefront, transforming commercial lending into a domain of strategic advantages and unparalleled efficiency. Join us for a webinar with industry experts Omar Akkor and Matt Reidy on 4th June 2024, as we demystify how AI is reshaping the landscape of commercial lending.

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Past Events

schedule 60 Mins | 1 June 2023

Effectively Managing Structured Credit Risk through Integrated Data, Models, and Analytics

Join us as we provide insights into challenges commonly faced when managing structured credit risk.

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schedule 60 Mins | 23 May 2023

Enhancing Commercial Credit Lifecycle Management with Advanced Analytics

Access to robust commercial credit data has always been a challenge. But how do you put it to good use once you have it? Join our fireside chat to learn how historical performance data and machine learning techniques are used to deliver decision intelligence across the credit lifecycle beyond traditional default risk modeling.

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schedule 60 Mins | 11 May 2023

Integrated Risk Analytics: A Proposed Framework for Mapping and Connecting Risks

In this session, we will discuss developing a framework to quantify risks in a consistent and interconnected way and show practical case studies for firms and portfolios. The framework is supercharged with analytics to handle risks of different natures to identify vulnerabilities, navigate uncertainty and build resilience.

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schedule 30 Mins | 27 April 2023

Client Onboarding…Ready or Not

Join us to learn simple steps to help improve your compliance program to be ready for a large influx of new customers.

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schedule 60 Mins | 26 April 2023

APAC Financial Institutions In-Focus

Impact on APAC banks from China reopening, consequences of Credit Suisse failure for AT1 securities, and other latest credit developments of APAC financial institutions

Join our analysts for an in-depth discussion on recent credit developments of APAC financial institutions. Moody’s analysts covering various APAC financial systems will be available to answer questions on latest credit developments and trends.

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